What steps can you take? 

If you have been excised

Genital mutilation can lead to complications, pain during menstruation, discomfort whilst practicing certain sports, etc.

If this concerns you, and you sometimes miss school because of it, you need to talk to someone: the school nurse, your family doctor, the family planning counsellor, etc.

If a friend confides in you, support her in taking these steps.

If you are scared of being excised yourself, or you think it might happen to someone close to you

Some little girls have already been excised in Europe on their parents’ request. Others living in Europe were excised during summer holidays spent in their family’s country of origin. They were unaware of what was awaiting them.

If you are scared of this happening to you, or to your sister, your cousin, your friend, etc., do not hesitate to look for help and support amongst people familiar with this problem who can assist you or the young girl in danger. Do not keep your questions and doubts to yourself. Share them with someone.

Several people or services that can listen and help

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